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Cape Coral

Cape Coral Beach
Boathouse at Cape Coral Beach
is a city in Lee County in the US state Florida and is with its 154,305 inhabitants the largest city in this county and located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Cape Coral is affected by the Tamiami Trail (US 41) and is located near Interstate 75. In addition, the Florida State Road 78 runs through the town. Cape Coral can easily be reached by plane; the International Airport in Fort Myers is 19 miles away.
Cape Coral is a young city. At End of the 50s began the boom. In 1957, the "Gulf American Land Corporation" was founded, which set out to the brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen owned land north of the Caloosahatchee River in a true "Waterways Wonderland" convert. Fallow and pasture land was crisscrossed with canals and roads. Overall, Cape Coral offers now 400 miles (640 miles) of waterways and canals, some with access to the Gulf of Mexico. The first houses were built in 1958. Thanks to an active advertising campaign, the city continued to grow quickly. In 1964 the Cape Coral Bridge and 1997, the “Midpoint Bridge ", connecting the city with Fort Myers. Thanks to the tourists and "snowbirds" (freezing Americans from the north, coming to Florida because of the snow), the city continues to grow. Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, there are still no tall buildings and the crime rate is the lowest of all comparable cities in the United States. The city is now divided into four squares: Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW), and Southeast (SE). Most of the streets above the Cape Coral Parkway are simply numbered; the roads within the territory Yacht Club have street names. Two main roads divide the four quadrants. The Santa Barbara Boulevard divides the city into East and West, the Pine Island Road divides the city between North and South.

In "Money Magazine"  Cape Coral was selected from 300 US cities as "6th Best Place to Live". In addition, Cape Coral was chosen as the city with the best air quality in two consecutive years.

The climate is mild and warm, usually with a slight steady wind from the sea. Statistically, it rains in the summer months, an average of 30% of the days, even if only temporarily. The highest temperatures are from May to October with up to 91 ° F. The coldest months are  from December to February with an average temperature of only 75 ° F. Snowfall is virtually unknown in this region.

There is a wide range of various city parks as well as several sport facilities and playing fields and facilities for camping and barbecuing. The most interesting parks are: Jaycee Park, Rotary Park, and Sunsplash Family Water Park, and Mike Greenwell , a family theme park. Cape Coral is a paradise for water sports, golfing and fishing. Nearly everything is offered, you’ll find shopping centers with international restaurants as well as  small specialty shops , where you will get sausages, meat and rolls at german butchers and bakeries.

There are almost unlimited possibilities of leisure activities such as golf , tennis, mini - golf, go- kart tracks and a huge water park with long slides, swimming floats in the Lazy River , picnic - areas and pools.
There are over 40 parks and lakes that invite you to picnic and do some recreation. On the banks of the Caloosahatchee River there is a small child-friendly sandy beach with a 655 ft long pier which invites you to go fishing or walking or even to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.
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